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Some Of The Best Savannah Wedding Vendors For Wedding Couples-At Savannah Station

At Boss Playa Productions, we love to give as much guidance as possible to our wedding couples on how to choose some of the best Savannah wedding vendors. That way, it shortens the length of time searching all over Savannah, GA and surrounding areas for the right wedding professional.

One of the biggest questions I’m often asked is, “Who are some of the best Savannah wedding vendors that I should work with?”

I recently had the opportunity to provide DJ entertainment for an incredible New Year party at Savannah Station, which brought together some of the best wedding vendors Savannah, Georgia has to offer. It gave me a moment to meet several wedding pros in the Savannah area. 

Cheers to the New Year!

The Georgia event took place at the historical Savannah Station. A wedding & event venue on 601 Cohen Street, Savannah, GA 31401. 

I was just blown away by the layout of the spacious rooms and different ways you can create a stunning event there! A Savannah event venue filled with so much history and charm but can be customized to fit a wedding couple’s vision of how their special day will be.

The Ladies That Made It Happen

The Cheers To The New Year Party was made gorgeous with thoughtful touches and unique elements brought to life by Jamie Weaver, Cindy Brown, and Melanie McCullough

Savannah Wedding Vendors Who Planned The Event

These ladies strategically executed their excellent planning and vision, which really brought the party to life from beginning to end. They got Savannah Wedding Vendors members together under the same roof for a fun-filled night of laughter, games, good music, food, drinks and prizes. Several local vendors volunteered their services to make the event a huge success.

Masks Provided for Savannah Wedding Vendors at Savannah Station

Masks Were Provided For All Savannah Wedding Vendors

To ensure that everyone stayed safe & healthy via CDC guidelines, masks were provided for all Savannah wedding vendors convenience. 

A Warm Welcome & Good Music

It was so much fun filling this amazing atmosphere with awesome tunes throughout the night, where you can tell that everyone was having the time of their lives. I was honored that they chose me, DJ Creativity to provide the entertainment.

Savannah Wedding_DJ Creativity at Savannah Station

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See All The Savannah Wedding Vendor Fun

Savannah Wedding Photographer, Toni Bronston captured so many awesome shots of fellow photographers, limo drivers, bartenders, make up artists, DJs, wedding planners, caterers, and other vendors having a ball of a time together. These priceless moments involved, networking, sharing business tips & experiences. Most of all, having a couple of drinks and plenty of laughter topped off the evening.

Fun & Festivities

As vendors and their spouses arrived, they received tickets for prize giveaways and featured drinks to get the evening started right. They also enjoyed games and selfies at the photo booth, provided by Regal Reflections, LLC. When the prize giveaways started, Jamie Weaver Announced the winners as Cindy Brown handed out some amazing prizes.

This long-awaited, well deserved event was put together by wedding planner, Cindy Brown and wedding photographer, Jamie Weaver. 

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and talent to make Cheers To A New Year event such a success!!!
Game Corner and Prizes: Jamie Weaver of Dream Weaver Photos
Floral and Decor: Kati Esser Designs
Draping and light wall: D. Vine Savannah Weddings Events
Cupcakes & Desserts: Gigi’s Cupcakes – Savannah
Thank you to Jamie Weaver and Melanie Lynn McCullough (of Melanie L McCullough Photography) for working the table!

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