How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Winston-Salem Wedding Reception

How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Winston-Salem Wedding Reception

Winston-Salem Wedding Reception DJ

Many may think that a professional wedding DJ in Winston-Salem is the same as any other DJ that just plays the music. You’ve spent so much time dreaming about your big day – how everything will look, what you’ll wear, how you and your future spouse will feel. In addition to that, how will you know if you have the right wedding DJ near Winston-Salem, NC to ensure that everyone will be entertained. Most importantly, you will only get one chance to get your North Carolina Wedding right. In this post, we will show you tips on How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Winston-Salem Wedding Reception.

These are the moments worth capturing in life, and at Boss Playa Productions, it is our honor to help you do just that – in a fun, exciting, and extra-ordinary way. After following the tips below, all you’ll have left to do is party with your friends and family, take selfies, drink shots, and dance with your new spouse ALL NIGHT LONG!

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Getting The Details Just Right

We know how much you want to capture your wedding day memories. As professional DJs in the triad area, we will help you pair the perfect music with all those big moments at your Winston-Salem wedding reception like these:

  • That special song for your first dance with the love of your life.
  • A choreographed dance routine with your father/mother that will have everybody engaged and amazed.
  • That moment when the DJ drops a tune that gets your grandparents shaking their tail-feather on the dance floor.
  • The right song choice for an Unforgettable bouquet and garter toss.
  • The perfect song to bring all the attention to the sentiment of you and your new spouse cutting the wedding cake together.
  • A packed dance floor with you and your guest’s hands in the air, waving like you just don’t care.

And there are many more little moments that will make your Winston-Salem wedding day so beautiful, so perfect, so uniquely YOURS that, even if you tried, you couldn’t recreate it in a million years.

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Here's How The DJ Can Help Create The Perfect Party For Your Wedding Reception

  1. Keep in mind that your guests are going to be where the wedding couple is. If you’re on the dance floor, the guests will be too but if you take off, they will too!
  2. Don’t micromanage the timeline. A good DJ understands the flow of how things need to happen at the right time you know according to what needs to happen but also making sure that everything flows correctly. However, we do need the order of events but not necessarily the exact time for each.
  3. If there are older guests, do not sit them close or right in front of the speaker(s).
  4. Don’t put the DJ in an obscure location or corner; the DJ needs to be easily visible and near the dance floor so they can see it to get a feel for the crowd.
  5. If you purchased dance floor lighting, keep in mind that darker is better. Use dimmers for chandeliers, cafe lighting, ceiling and wall lights.
  6. If you have a bar or photo booth at the event, please put it in the main room where the DJ is. You want to keep people near the dance floor at all times.
  7. When picking your songs for your event, take into account not only your taste, but the guests’ as well.
  8. You always want to leave the guests wanting more. It’s not your responsibility to entertain guests until 2am.
  9. When picking your music, you don’t have to overdo it. Pick 20 or so songs you like and a few you don’t, and let us fill in from there.
  10. If you have to cut corners on your budget, don’t skimp on your entertainment—it can make or break your event!

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A Day You'll Never Forget

We found out over the years that following these steps makes a smooth and entertaining day that puts smiles on everyone’s faces. At Boss Playa Productions, we make sure that your Winston-Salem wedding a day that you and your guests will never forget.

Our clients say

DJ Creativity had our dance floor PACKED from the first song to the end. Our friends told us that he was the best DJ they’ve ever heard. They experienced the most fun they ever had dancing at a wedding. It Reminded them of nights out together. Such a fun party! I highly recommend Boss Playa Productions DJ services!

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