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How To Choose the right DJ: Quality vs. Cost

Choosing a DJ based on cost over quality will cost you more in the end…

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Allow me to begin by stating that I hold great respect for my fellow DJs, especially those who demonstrate exceptional skill. Whenever I attend an event with a talented DJ at the helm, I make sure to acknowledge their prowess. Recently, my wife and I attended an event where the bass thumping throughout the venue caught our attention as soon as we arrived. The venue was still relatively empty at that time, so I took the opportunity to explore and observe the equipment being used by the hired entertainment. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the top-notch sound system, particularly the bass subs. Based on what I saw, I had high expectations for the event.

However, about thirty minutes into the event, it became evident that having quality equipment does not necessarily translate to providing quality service. The venue filled up rapidly, and everyone was eager to enjoy a night of dancing and fun. Sadly, I wasn’t the only one disappointed by the lack of sound quality when the DJ adjusted the volume to accommodate the growing crowd.

It turned out that the party planner had made an unfortunate choice in hiring the right event DJ. His mixing skills were, unfortunately, quite subpar. It was disheartening to witness such potential for an amazing event diminished by the wrong selection of entertainment.

How to Choose the right DJ

The atmosphere at the party had turned sour due to the DJ’s incessant and overwhelming screaming on the microphone, desperately trying to mask his poor transitions and questionable music choices. It was evident that he had failed to connect with the audience, who seemed disinterested, preoccupied with their conversations, or engrossed in their mobile devices. My instincts as a DJ immediately kicked in, prompting me to inquire around to understand why this particular DJ was hired.

To no surprise, my suspicions were confirmed – the decision to hire this DJ was solely based on cost, opting for the cheapest option available. I couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief. It was disheartening to see the patrons, who had paid a substantial amount, around $50, for this event, feeling let down and disappointed. As the night wore on, I persevered through the situation, empathizing with the attendees who deserved a better experience.

Unfortunately, the night felt like a never-ending struggle, and eventually, my wife and I decided to call it quits after enduring three hours of this subpar entertainment. The experience left us with a reinforced belief in the adage, “you truly get what you pay for.” It served as a poignant reminder that cutting corners on essential aspects, such as hiring an experienced and skilled DJ, can result in a significant compromise in the overall quality of an event.

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The moral of my story is…

When looking to hire the right DJ in Winston-Salem and the Triad area for your event, NEVER choose cost over quality because poor quality will cost you more in the end. A high quality DJ will always know his audience and knows how to adjust “on the fly” based on their vibe. A quality DJ will not only have top-notch equipment, but will possess the necessary skills to perform on the equipment to bring your event to life.

Quality may cost you a little more up front, but will pay off for you in the end!

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8 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right DJ

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or a lively party, the DJ you select plays a pivotal role in setting the tone and ensuring a memorable experience for your guests. However, finding the perfect DJ can be a challenging task, especially when faced with the age-old dilemma of choosing between quality and cost. Here are 8 things you should consider when making this decision, ensuring you strike the right balance between the two to make your event a resounding success.

1. Determine Your Budget

Before beginning your search for the ideal DJ, it’s essential to establish a budget for your event. Determine how much you are willing to allocate to entertainment. While cost is a significant factor, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Remember, your choice will directly impact your guests’ enjoyment, so finding the right balance between quality and cost is key.

2. Research DJ Experience and Reputation

Look for DJs with ample experience in your specific type of event. Experienced DJs understand the flow of events, can read the crowd’s energy, and adapt their playlist accordingly. Check for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge their professionalism and quality of service. A reputable DJ will have a strong online presence and positive feedback from satisfied customers.

3. Request Sample Mixes and Performances

To assess the DJ’s style and talent, request sample mixes or video recordings of their performances. Pay attention to the transitions between songs, their ability to maintain a lively atmosphere, and the genres they specialize in. This step will give you valuable insights into the DJ’s skills and help you determine if their music style aligns with the ambiance you want to create.

4.Discuss Music Preferences and Customization

A good DJ should be open to discussing your musical preferences and event requirements. Share your playlist ideas and specific songs you’d like to hear during your event. A DJ who is willing to customize their playlist to match your vision demonstrates a dedication to making your event unique and memorable.

5.Evaluate Equipment Quality

The quality of sound and lighting can significantly impact the overall experience. Inquire about the DJ’s equipment setup and whether they have backup equipment in case of technical issues. A professional DJ invests in high-quality sound systems and lighting to ensure optimal performance.

6. If Possible, Meet the DJ in Person

Schedule a meeting with the potential DJ before making a final decision. This personal interaction will allow you to gauge their communication skills, professionalism, and enthusiasm for your event. It also provides an opportunity to ask any additional questions or discuss specific concerns.

7. Consider Additional Services

Some DJs offer additional services, such as emceeing, dance floor lighting, uplighting or photo booths, etc. Evaluate whether these services align with your event requirements and whether they are included in the DJ’s package or require extra charges.

8. Compare Quotes and Negotiate

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, compare the quotes from different DJs. While it’s tempting to choose the most affordable option, be cautious of prices that seem too good to be true. Negotiate with your preferred DJ if necessary, focusing on services that are essential to your event’s success.


Choosing the right DJ for your event requires a thoughtful balance between quality and cost. Prioritize experience, reputation, and professionalism, as these factors will significantly influence the success of your event. Remember, investing in a skilled and talented DJ will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your guests, making your event a truly memorable one.

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