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How A Professional Wedding DJ Can add to the fun on your wedding day

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A professional wedding DJ will play a major party on your big day and it may involve more than just playing a line dance song to pack the dancefloor. In fact, your wedding DJ has many jobs to do that go unnoticed; some you may see, others that are done behind the scenes. That’s why hiring a well-reviewed professional DJ is definitely worth the investment. After all, you only get ONE chance to pick the right Wedding DJ for the most special day of your life!

Details & Planning

The DJ can set or ruin the mood at your wedding. In todays world of technology, there are so many DJs to choose from. But how do you find the best wedding DJ to be a good fit for you? That’s why it’s important to look beyond price alone by vetting your DJ thoroughly before hiring. 

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A professional DJ does more than just play music. A DJ sets the tone by understanding the energy in the room; making everyone happy through music as they dance the night away. Aside from “Spinning Records”, here are some things you probably didn’t know a wedding DJ does…

Helps you choose songs

Once your wedding date is on the books with us, we will roll up our sleeves and get details of how you want your wedding to play out from beginning to end. Your wedding DJ will be a great source in helping you and your fiancé create the soundtrack of your special day, from the first dance to the last song for the sparkling exit. An experienced wedding DJ has seen first-hand which songs work and which don’t and is up-to-date on the latest dance hits. That’s why it’s important to meet with your wedding DJ at your earliest convenience to create a list of must-play and do-not-play selections. Of course, your DJ will have an extensive library of songs you and your guests can request during the celebration but the key is knowing if certain songs will be appropriate or not. Also, that doesn’t mean he/she has every song in the world so it’s best to meet early to give the DJ ample time to find the songs if necessary. 

Fun First Dance Quiz

Let’s have some fun! Figure out your First Dance song in 20 seconds or less:

Professional Wedding DJ In Savannah GA_Bride and Groom Fist Dance

Create mashups and song edits

Technic 1200 Turntables and DJ Mixer

Worried your first dance song might be a bit too long? Planning a choreographed first dance, father-daughter, mother-son dance starting with a slow song and then break out into APACHE (Jump On It) by The Sugarhill Gang? A DJ can curate a custom mix just for you. Many wedding DJs are skilled at creating mashups, remixes, and adjusting song lengths to fit your needs. All you have to do is ask!

Helps enforce the timeline + Flow of events 

Wedding DJ Raleigh NC_DJ Creativity

While your wedding planner or coordinator will likely take the lead on creating your wedding-day timeline, an experienced DJ will certainly contribute, since he/she’s familiar with how long certain parts of the ceremony and reception will take. Furthermore, your wedding DJ is responsible for executing and enforcing the timeline during your reception, such as making announcements to ensure that events happen on time. If there are any hold-ups, the DJ works with you or the wedding planner by adjusting accordingly.

Provides sound & Lighting equipment

TITANIUM for Wedding Reception_2019

Having high-quality, functional sound equipment is an absolute must. Therefore, your wedding DJ will have it all covered. Without microphones, speakers, etc., your guests won’t be able to hear your wedding vows, your first introduction as a married couple, the lyrics to your first-dance song, your best man’s toast, or the announcement that dinner is being served.

Our wedding DJs also offer uplighting as part of their services. Uplighting is done by placing a typical stage par light on the floor, pointing it vertically up the wall or fixture so that it shines a decorative pillar of light in any color of choice. In doing so, this adds ambiance to your event by accenting the wedding, prom corporate, or birthday decor at the venue. It also adds energy and vibrancy to photos captured by the photographer or video footage taken by the videographer!  We have Winston-Salem DJ uplighting packages available for your celebration. Talk to your wedding DJ to see if this is something that can be included in your package if it’s not already. 

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Ensures all equipment is working

There are few things more annoying during a wedding reception than music that’s too loud, staticky, muffled, or worst-case scenario, dead air due to faulty equipment. Not only do professional wedding DJs utilize top-quality, state-of-the-art equipment, they also do sound checks at your venue well before the reception begins to ensure that everything is working properly so there won’t be any awkward silences. Depending on the location of the venue, our DJs arrive an hour and a half to three hours early to have ample time in setting up and working out the kinks. 

Sets the mood

A wedding DJ sets the tone for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception by playing the right songs at the right times, and reading the crowd accordingly. As your guests arrive for your ceremony, our DJ will play light music to fill the air with sounds of love, as we all await the beginning of the procession. We then play a processional song for the honored guests to be seated. After that, a special song of your choice will be played as you walk down the aisle! The ceremony takes place, and once pronounced a married couple, we play a celebratory exit song. These are all choices you make with your DJ early in the planning process!

If you want the after-party to be a total hit, the DJ will know the right tunes to spin, putting you and your guests in a dancing mood. Alternatively, if your goal is a reception with an old-school romantic feel, your DJ will know how to create that classic vibe. Either way, our skilled wedding DJ knows exactly how to get the party started when your guests have been comfortable in their chairs long enough.

Serves as the Master of Ceremony

DJ Creativity Speaks during Toast at Ebony and LaMichael's Wedding Reception

The emcee may be the most important role your wedding DJ can play. If your package didn’t come with a Master of Ceremony, the DJ can fall right in as your host for the evening.  Think of your DJ as a Carnival fun-ship cruise director, or point person for the evening, making announcements and ensuring that your guests are aware of what’s going on and what’s next. Having your wedding DJ serve as the emcee is far more authoritative and professional than you or your cousin trying to shout “Time for dinner!” over the music. Your guests are more likely to follow directions from an experienced wedding DJ and will look to your DJ (instead of you or your new spouse) for information on what’s happening next. That way, your big day will proceed smoothly as you focus on enjoying every minute with your family and friends!  

Improvise on the fly

Things may not go as planned on your wedding day but fortunately, our wedding DJs are professional at getting things back on track. Let’s say your bouquet toss is running a little behind schedule. Your DJ can play a few more songs so that guests are too busy dancing to care that you’re not ready yet. Or maybe your dad is in the restroom when it’s time for the Father-Daughter dance. Your DJ can take over until he’s available. That way, your guests won’t notice any potentially-awkward moments because you’ve got a pro wedding DJ at your service.

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