A Blooming Spring Wedding At Long Acres Barn In Winston-Salem NC

A Blooming Spring Wedding at Long Acres Barn

A blooming Spring Wedding At Long Acres Barn

Gabby and Ben’s love story is a captivating journey that began with a snowy first date and culminated in a blooming spring wedding at the enchanting Long Acres Barn in Winston-Salem, NC. In this blog, we invite you to relive the magical moments of their romantic tale, from the first frosty encounter to the heartwarming celebration of their commitment amidst the rustic charm and modern elegance of Long Acres Barn.

Long Acres Barn: A Rustic Oasis

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The stage for their love story’s grand finale was set at Long Acres Barn, a rustic yet modern wedding venue nestled in the heart of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Gabby and Ben selected Long Acres Barn as their wedding venue due to its proximity to their Winston-Salem residence and the owner’s excellent communication and ease of collaboration. Surrounded by countryside greenery and an elegant ambiance, Long Acres Barn provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s special day. The venue’s charm complemented the timeless romance that Gabby and Ben shared.

Snowy Beginnings

Their love story started on a snowy day, a magical backdrop for the beginning of something extraordinary. Gabby and Ben’s connection blossomed in the midst of winter, creating a foundation as pure and beautiful as freshly fallen snow. The chilly air couldn’t cool the warmth of their budding romance. As their love flourished, so did the seasons. From the crisp winter air of their first date to the vibrant colors of spring, Gabby and Ben experienced the changing seasons of life together. Each moment marked a new chapter in their story, leading them to the blissful days of planning their dream wedding.

Ben hails from Clemmons, NC, where he was both born and raised. Meanwhile, Gabby was born in Mexico but spent her upbringing in Yadkinville, NC.

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Gabby and Chris worked together at Tripps restaurant, where Chris, having grown up with Ben, served as the connection between the two. While Gabby was in the process of exploring potential homes, she turned to Chris, who was a realtor, for advice. Curious about any eligible bachelors in Chris’s circle, she inquired, and he promptly mentioned Ben. Chris facilitated their connection by providing Ben with Gabby’s number, leading to an immediate text exchange between the two.

In December 2018, amid a significant snowstorm that blanketed the triad area with 12 inches of snow, they had initially planned to meet for drinks on a snowy Sunday. Despite the weather, Ben, undeterred, suggested picking Gabby up in his truck, and their first date unfolded amid a snowstorm. Remarkably, the evening went exceptionally well, with Gabby expressing a profound sense of comfort in Ben’s presence, devoid of any awkward silences or dull moments.

A Journey Through Seasons

Gabby’s certainty that Ben was “the one” dawned after just a few dates. As they spent more time together, she discovered an uncanny alignment between them—they shared the same sense of humor, similar tastes, and common likes. Their desires and aspirations harmonized seamlessly; both harbored a deep love for their families and envisioned building a family of their own in the future.

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Ben, too, had an epiphany about Gabby’s significance in his life. Witnessing her genuine interactions with his niece and nephews, he recognized her potential as a wonderful and caring mother, solidifying his conviction that she was indeed the perfect match for him.

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The soulful strains of “All Around You” by Sturgill Simpson” became the melodic backdrop to Gabby and Ben’s love story. Captivated by this artist, they discovered he was performing in Virginia. Seizing the opportunity, they secured tickets and transformed the event into a weekend escapade, reveling in the chance to escape together. The intimate journey allowed these lovebirds to deepen their connection, creating a beautiful memory as they embarked on a road trip to witness the artist whose song had become synonymous with their shared love.

The Blooming of Love

The day finally arrived when Gabby and Ben exchanged vows, surrounded by the love and support of family and friends. Long Acres Barn witnessed the blooming of their love in a ceremony filled with heartfelt promises and joyous celebrations. The couple’s journey from a snowy first date to a spring wedding was a testament to the enduring nature of true love. Timeless Photography & Videography were on hand to capture the intimate moments, ensuring that every smile, tear, and laughter was preserved for a lifetime. The photo & video album became a visual narrative of Gabby and Ben’s love, allowing them to revisit the magic of their wedding day whenever they pleased.

See How It All Went Down

Although Gabby and Ben were raised in the Catholic faith, they opted for a non-religious ceremony. However, recognizing the significance of faith to their families, they wished to incorporate a semi-religious element into their wedding. Additionally, Gabby, wanting to involve her sister who wasn’t a bridesmaid, sought a meaningful ritual. The couple chose the rosary ceremony, a symbol of unity in Catholic weddings, as it beautifully represents the coming together of two individuals as one.

The Wedding Party

Green holds a special place in both the bride and groom’s hearts as their favorite color. With their wedding scheduled for May, the natural choice was to embrace the lush greenery of the season. The couple’s affinity for both green and gold seamlessly converged, making the incorporation of these hues an obvious and harmonious choice for their attire and wedding decor.

Bride + Groom and Wedding Party

The Cocktail Hour

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the countryside, the newlyweds and their guests gathered for an unforgettable celebration marked by lots of laughter, joy, and the seamless tunes of DJ Creativity. The festivities kicked off with a delightful cocktail hour with a 360 photo booth that set the tone for the evening. Long Acres Barn, with its rustic charm and scenic outdoor surroundings, provided a perfect backdrop for guests to mingle and savor handcrafted cocktails and beer. 

Romantic Details

The details of Gabby and Ben’s spring wedding were nothing short of enchanting. The venue is adorned with delicate spring flowers, and soft pastel hues accented with green and gold. The charming rustic touches created an atmosphere of pure spring romance. From the ceremony to the reception, every aspect of the day reflected the couple’s unique love story. Gabby and Ben infused their personalities into every detail of the reception. From personalized decorations to unique touches that reflected their journey together, every aspect of the evening spoke to the couple’s love story. The barn transformed into a haven of love and creativity, showcasing the couple’s commitment to making their celebration as unique as their relationship.

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Embracing the Dance of Love

Beginning with the introduction of the wedding party and extending to the newlyweds’ inaugural dance as husband and wife, DJ Creativity skillfully crafted a playlist that reflected the distinctive love story of Gabby and Ben. Each thoughtfully selected song contributed to an energetic atmosphere, resonating with the romance and celebration encapsulated in the union of the happy couple. 

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After transitioning into the barn for the wedding reception, the newlyweds invited everyone back outside to enjoy a Mexican tradition of cracking open a piñata.

Mexican Wedding_Bride strikes piñata

Heartfelt Speeches and Toasts

The evening was further enriched by touching speeches from the Best Man, Matron Of Honor, Father of the Groom, and a few others. Laughter and tears flowed freely as loved ones recounted heartwarming anecdotes, shared memories, and toasted to the couple’s happiness and future together.

Dance Floor Magic

The dance floor became a canvas where the couple’s love story was expressed through movement and music. Friends and family twirled, swayed, and celebrated under the fairy lights, surrounded by the rustic elegance of Long Acres Barn. DJ Creativity’s ability to read the room and play the perfect tunes ensured that the dance floor remained alive with energy and joy throughout the night. Long Acres Barn became a haven where love, laughter, and the sweet melodies of the DJ blended seamlessly to create memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. 

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Gabby and Ben’s spring wedding reception at Long Acres Barn was a symphony of love and creativity. With the rustic charm of the venue, the magic of the DJ’s playlist, and the couple’s personal touches, the celebration was nothing short of extraordinary. As the wedding celebration neared its end, the bride and groom shared an intimate last dance alone while their family and guests gathered outside to send the couple off with a sparkling exit. 

The Epic After Party

Following the dazzling departure, the wedding guests reconvened in the rustic confines of the barn for an unforgettable after-party. The vibrancy of the dance floor endured, imprinting a lasting memory of a celebration that flawlessly mirrored the profound beauty of Gabby and Ben’s love.

Gabby and Ben’s spring wedding at Long Acres Barn was a celebration of love, resilience, and the beauty of commitment. Their journey from a snowy first date to a blooming spring wedding serves as a reminder that love, like the changing seasons, evolves and blossoms into something truly extraordinary. As we conclude this blog, we invite you to join us in congratulating the newlyweds and wishing them a lifetime of happiness and joy. We want to thank Timeless Photography & Videography for capturing all the special moments throughout this special day. Also, A profound thank you to DJ Creativity for keeping the dance floor alive with music. It was a collective effort that transformed their spring wedding day into a cherished memory, and Gabby & Ben are forever grateful for the dedication and passion each vendor brought to their celebration. Cheers to Gabby and Ben, and a lifetime filled with harmonious moments and everlasting joy.

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PHOTOGRAPHER  Timeless Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER Timeless Videography

360 PHOTO BOOTH Captured Studios LLC

FLORALS  Lisa Pennell Designs

WEDDING CAKE  Beauty from Life Baking

BRIDE’S DRESS  Duchess Bridal Boutique



OFFICIANT Christopher Kurani

VENUE Long Acres Barn

BARTENDER Owner of Long Acres Barn

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